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How to find time for yourself AND your family 

You want a better balance in your life - as a busy expat mum you love your family and want to serve them, but you also want a little time for yourself.

Yes, I Need This!


As expat mothers, we give a lot and dedicate our time, energy and focus to supporting our families. We literally have nothing left for ourselves. Can you relate?


If the answer is yes, I want to invite you to my FREE 60 minute workshop. Instead of just trying to squeeze a bit of time out of your day, get the simple strategies that have worked not only for me but also for my clients. In this workshop you will:

- discover how you can change your mindset about time;

- understand how creating simple routines and habits can have a big impact;

- learn how to use your energy cycles to make the most of everyday.

By the end of this 60 minute interactive workshop, you will walk away with key strategies and my top tips to create more time in your day. 

I Want To Join The Workshop

A Personal Invitation From Emily...

I've been working with clients on mindset challenges throughout my 20+ year career.

I have won awards, but equally as important I've got amazing results for my clients. For some it's rediscovering hobbies, for others it's returning to part time work, and for some it's starting their own business. 

This FREE 60 minute workshop is a culmination the key insights I've learned about personal change, managing your mindset and achieving more in your day.

If you're committed to doing things differently in your crazy expat life, trying some new routines and as a result finally having more time in your day... then I can't wait to help you get there faster than you imagined possible.

See you at the workshop,

Emily x


This FREE 60 minute interactive workshop Is A Must Attend if...

  • you get to the end of the day exhausted, unable to do or achieve anything more;
  • you struggle to balance the needs of your family with those of your own;
  • you want to rediscover your hobbies; maybe learn a new skill; perhaps return to part time work; or maybe even start your own business... but you just can't find the time in your day to do it. 
This is me!

"I had very low self esteem and a negative mindset. I'd just moved country, finished my 14 day quarantine and was about to enter the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. As a result of working with Emily in this course I no longer "beat myself up" for not doing things I think are important. I make time for 'me' after work and I don't feel the guilt I used to feel. I'm more organised and much more honest when discussing my thoughts and feelings." 

- Suzanne Lovrincevic

I Want This Too!

The time IS right!

You love your family, and you want to be there for them, but you have also been putting yourself second to their needs. 

You can change this. This is your opportunity to create more time in your day, get a better balance, and use your energy cycles more effectively.

I will take the guesswork out of how to have more time in your day. I will show you the simple routines and habits you can use everyday that will literally change your life.

If you’re tired and feel like you can't do anymore. If you simply want to show up differently for yourself and your family, then this FREE 60 minute workshop is for you.

My story...

An award winning coach, I have lived abroad for 20+ years and both our daughters were born in India. With Expat Parenting Abroad, I combine my personal experience and professional career in Human Resources to provide coaching support for expat mums.

I support expat mums through my weekly blog & podcast, online courses and individual coaching. I help them to not only get the most out of their experience abroad, but support them to find meaning in their experience.

Fun Fact - On arriving in Mumbai, heavily pregnant, I thought the security guard wanted to hug me and I leaned in for a big bear hug… she actually wanted to pat me down!?!

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