6 Easy Steps Towards Greater Life Fulfilment For The Busy Mum Who Craves More

In this 6 week coaching program you will gain clarity on what you’re craving, and know how to use your strengths and passions to have it! Finally you will have more fulfilment, and you will no longer feel frustrated or confused about where to start.

Rachael Ansar

"This was such a positive experience! I'd forgotten who I was because I was so busy trying to be a full time wife and parent for the last 10 years. Emily helped me rediscover my passions and purpose in life. Now I feel clear about my direction professionally and can enjoy my time with my family."

Before I Tell You All About This Life Changing Program, Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For… 

You’re an expat mum focusing all your time and energy on your family, you love them dearly but you crave more. You want to feel satisfied with your life again, find a better balance, feel confident in your own abilities, and finally to start achieving the dreams that you’ve constantly let fade away.

Whether you’re…

  • a new expat mum and you’ve given up your career to follow your partner abroad and now you’re wondering what does this new life now mean for me?
  • an experienced expat mum and you’re great at moving the family around, you’ve done the volunteering and you’ve served your time on the PTA. But you’re tired of always giving to others, you crave more for you.
  • a career mum and let’s face it you’ve had a fabulous career and loved every moment of it, but suddenly you’re wondering if there is more you could be doing.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how “Kickstart Life” will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to finally having more fulfilment in your life!

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Completed the specific activities that have been tailored to ensure you have clarity in your life
  • Created a vision that provides clarity on what you crave, what your dreams are, and understand how your passions drive you
  • A comprehensive list of your skills, you will know what you’re good at, and develop clarity on your strengths, knowing which will support your moving forward
  • Regained confidence in yourself, what you can do and know where you can add value to your life
  • Planned for the mindset challenges that can derail you when your wanting to create change in your life
  • Developed a detailed action plan that is totally unique to you, that will support you in achieving your goals (instead of spending the next year thinking about what you might do)

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Suzanne Lovrincevic

"I had very low self esteem and a negative mindset. I'd just moved country, finished my 14 day quarantine and was about to enter the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. As a result of working with Emily in this course I no longer "beat myself up" for not doing things I think are important. I make time for 'me' after work and I don't feel the guilt I used to feel. I'm more organised and much more honest when discussing my throughs and feelings."

"Emily has been fantastic at helping me and finding solutions to the issues I have been tackling. She has a really good way of getting to the core of any issue, and she is equipped to support you to ensure the problem is manageable. Knowing you have someone to work with, is so important. I can’t recommend Emily’s support enough, whether personal or professional."

Helen Murphy, Coaching Client








“Since starting one-to-one executive coaching with Emily Rogers one year ago, my confidence and clarity has crystallised. I have moved from not being able to articulate what I want, to now saying what I want (without a stutter) and advocating for it. My work with Emily has taught me to carve out time for self-reflection, question self-limiting beliefs, clarify my personal goals, and practise the habit-forming behaviours that will help me reach my goals. It’s not uncommon for women to get stuck mid-career. The confidential coaching has been exactly what I’ve needed to push through. While I still have a way to go, the path is becoming clearer.”

Susan Moore, Coaching Client

“I was stressed about my kids, I was constantly worried about their school lives and their well being. The support group helped me to drop the guilty feelings, I know I am not the only one with this concern and I can trust that it will all be alright in the end. The fact that I could ask someone was nice, especially because people have kids in the same age groups.”

Heather, Coaching Client









“If you are wanting to achieve a goal but are unsure how to get there Emily has the insight, skills and professionalism to help you. She manages to break down the goal into bit size chunks from the beginning to the end goal in sight. At all times Emily is wise, helpful and very easy to talk to. She has the ability to clear away the clutter occupying your mind and make you see things more clearly. I highly recommend Emily, she has a real gift with helping people and always offers advice with compassion and kindness."

A Coaching Client 






4 Monthly Payments



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Discover Rachael's experience of Kickstart Life.

In this interview Rachael shares how she was angry and frustrated with her life, she couldn't see a way forward. With Kickstart Life she not only gained clarity on who she is, but she developed confidence that has not only impacted her, but everything in her life including her relationships. Rachael is now starting in her dream job, working on her own business and most importantly she is loving her new life!


What’s Inside Kickstart Life


Module 1

Know Your Strengths

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can be of tremendous value for your life. This will of course also help you make better decisions moving forward.

Knowing your strengths will, for instance, help you to become more resourceful during difficult moments of your life. 

Furthermore, you will be in an optimal position to take advantage of critical opportunities that only become available when you’re focused on the right kinds of things. 

In general, knowing your strengths will allow you to make smarter choices and decisions about your life, career, goals, and circumstances.


  • Learn why knowing yourself is so important
  • Identify your skills and strengths
  • Assess your strengths and know which will have the biggest impact on your life
Module 2

Discover Your Passions & Dreams

Your dreams are what can get you through even the worst days. If you are struggling, your dreams are your reason to keep going.

They are why you wake up in the morning and try again. They are what makes your entire life worth living.

Without our dreams, we are nothing.


  • Discover what you’re truly passionate about
  • Identify your dreams for your life
  • Learn how to have more of that in your life
Module 3

Find Your Purpose

Your purpose is your motivation, the reasons you get up in the morning. 

It can guide the decisions you make, influence your behaviour and create meaning.  Your purpose is unique to you. What you identify with as your path, may be very different from others.

Your purpose can shift and change throughout life, especially with a big change such as an expat assignment. As a result, and for many mums, purpose becomes illusive


  • Learn more about purpose and what it actually means to your life
  • Discover your purpose, and where it is you want to make an impact
  • Identify the two pillars that hold you back, and overcome them
Module 4

Plan For Your Mindset Challenges

Your mindset plays a critical role in how you cope with life’s challenges. In school, a growth mindset can contribute to greater achievement and increased effort. 

When facing a problem such as trying to find a new job, people with growth mindsets show greater resilience. They are more likely to persevere in the face of setbacks while those with fixed mindsets are more liable to give up.

So how do you overcome the mindset challenges that life will undoubtedly throw at you?


  • Understand change, and how we naturally respond to change
  • Learn the tools that will support you to move out of your comfort zone
  • Discover the secret that will make changing your results easier
Module 5

Make It Happen!

Setting goals helps trigger new behaviours, it helps to guide your focus and sustain that momentum in life. Goals also help align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery.


  • Understand your energy cycle and how you can use this to your advantage
  • Discover how you can manage your time more effectively
  • Learn how to set goals that you can actually focus on and achieve
  • Plan for the common setbacks and obstacles
Module 6


Recognising and celebrating success is a very powerful motivator because it reinforces the meaning behind all that hard work and it shows appreciation for the achievements

This, in turn, boosts our self-esteem and it motivates us to take the next step towards achieving the next goal.


  • Understand why celebrating is important
  • Ensure your action plan sits well with your goals

Burning Q&A's

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Still thinking about it?

You should give Kickstart Life a 30 day risk free shot

if you’re motivated by any of the following:


You crave more… like… really badly.

Whether you’ve been an expat for six months or six years, it’s highly likely that you have given up your career for this move and that’s OK because it provides you with the opportunity to spend more time with your family. But, you get to a point in your experience where you just want more meaning and purpose in your life. You want fulfilment in your life. 

More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your time abroad flirting with overwhelm while chanting the mantra of “I don’t have time” every time something fun and exciting pops up. 

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest the next six weeks in getting clarity on what it is you truly want in your life, and taking the steps to make it happen, potentially altering the rest of your life. 


You’re so freakin’ ready to “put in the work

You recognise that this is the perfect opportunity for you to finally have fulfilment in your life. And better yet, you are willing and ready to roll your sleeves up and get to work. 

You’re not afraid to put in the effort. The only thing that scares you is wasted ‘effort’. But, if anyone can do this, it’s you!


That’s all I’ve got...

If any of these motivating factors have got you nodding your head, I almost insist that you start today with the 30 day risk free shot.

Jaime Daniel

"I was feeling confused before working through the activities, as a result of learning different ways I can achieve my goals, I now have more direction. It was an insightful experience."

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 6 weeks…

Getting clarity on what I want and taking steps to have it, has literally transformed my life. 

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from wanting more in my life, but not knowing what that looks like, to being at the helm of my very own business. While each of us want different things, from a new hobby, to volunteer work, to returning to part time work, more than anything I wanted to share that I get it.

If you are a mum, and you find yourself wanting more from your life, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk free plunge to see what your life could look like.

To experience first hand the fulfilment that can be achieved in life. 

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 6 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Kickstart Life.

Best wishes,

Emily x

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