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What does living the life you want look like?

expat life expat mums expat parenting expat parenting abroad Nov 22, 2021

What does living the life you want look like? What are you doing? What are you experiencing? What are you learning? Who or what are you loving? 

Doing, experiencing, learning and loving the things you want is achieving success. Which is why success is different for each of us. Success is the results that we each, individually achieve. If you want to change the results you achieve, then you firstly have to dig deep and change your thinking patterns; then your attitudes and your behaviours. 

But as a starting point, you have to know what results you want. Have you considered what living the life you want looks like? As I mentioned, if you want to get there you first need to understand your thinking patterns, as these are the foundation of your attitudes, your behaviour and your results. 

In short, what you think about, is what you will have - whether you want it or not! Therefore, you need to create positive thinking patterns for yourself to be successful, to achieve the results you want, to live the life you want.

And I want you to know that each of these are interrelated. If you can achieve a small change in your thinking, your attitude, or your behaviour… you can have a major change in the results you achieve.

What is incredible, is that all of it makes up the habits we form over time – some of which are not productive. An important aspect to understand is that you control the complete process! You have created your current reality and you have the power and capability to change and achieve what you want.

The trouble is that we get caught in our comfort zone, where we keep on doing the same things and getting the same results. We need to challenge ourselves out of our comfort zone, while acknowledging for ourselves that it can, and probably will, be difficult .

Therefore, if you wish to achieve better results in your life you have to review your thinking patterns, your attitudes and your behaviours and make the relevant changes.

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