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expat life expat mums expat parenting expat parenting abroad Nov 25, 2019

I’m celebrating! Woo hoo! Can you hear my cheers from there?


Our shipment finally arrived, and after a week going flat out unpacking and sorting (to the point my body physically hurt and I couldn’t do anymore!), this past week has been all about getting back into routine.


As we settle in, we have really enjoyed the simple things, like being able to eat breakfast in our pyjamas (until now we have had to dress and go down to the restaurant). Being able to have plain steamed veggies for dinner (you know what chefs are like, everything is seasoned or cooked in way too much butter). No garden salads in sight (almost every meal at the hotel came with a garden salad, the girls were particularly fed up with it). Slipping into comfy clothes and enjoying a glass of wine together (we were always conscious of someone coming to the hotel room either housekeeping or room service, that we never truly relaxed while staying there). And sitting in the sunshine with a cup of tea with no one able to see me (the hotel room had a balcony but it was far from private).


I know I describe very much first world problems, but leaving all that behind has been so lovely and since moving in we are truly stopping to appreciate the little things.


Once unpacked, I think one of the first purchases I made was fresh flowers. No matter where we have lived, fresh flowers are a regular in our home. It helps us to feel settled faster when we are able to keep the little things consistent.


Unpacking the girls books was a priority. They love reading, not only to us and each other but to their toys too.


So we are basically sorted now. There’s also a lot I haven’t unpacked, as we are only renting this house for 12 months while we look for a house to buy.


As a mum, I have always enjoyed providing healthy meals for the girls. And with such a lovely kitchen space, I truly feel the joy of the space and the positive, sunny energy. 


So what have the girls requested? Firstly it was an absolute family favourite, and super easy Dahl. Then they wanted raspberry muffins for their school snack boxes (FYI I only use ½ cup of veg oil in this recipe). The list continues with savoury scones, homemade rissoles (I only use a little bit of beef mince, then heaps of veggies - carrots, potatoe, courgette, parsley, apple, mushrooms, onion and garlic. Instead of panko crumbs I use soup packets of french onion and chicken noodle), poached eggs for breakfast and homemade pizzas. The girls love their food!


I have included links to these recipes, perhaps you are inspired to try them for your family? Do you have a family favourite that your kids always request? Please take a moment to share... I’m always looking for meal inspiration! 


In a nutshell, it has been a very exciting couple of weeks for us as a family… but it’s truly just the simple pleasures of life that we have been indulging in! 

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