Your Time To Shine

expat life expat mums expat parenting expat parenting abroad Jan 18, 2021

It’s a new year, and always at this time of year, you feel renewed, re-energised and refocused, ready for what lies ahead. However, after 2020 and all the craziness, I think as we step into 2021 this is even more so.

We want better things for ourselves and for our family. We want more for ourselves and for our family.

But as mothers, and especially as expat mothers, we have given up so much. We have left our careers behind to follow our spouses abroad. We have given up on our dreams, and sometimes we have forgotten what those dreams even were. We have focused all our energy and attention on the wellbeing of our family.

Now my friend, I’m now the little person on your shoulder who’s asking you “is that enough? Do you feel fulfilled in your life?”

I think you and I both know the answer to that… “no, it’s not enough! No, you’re not fulfilled!”

So now, as we embrace 2021 with a big welcoming bear hug – I’m here to tell you, this is your time to shine! It’s your time to be the star in your own life!

Are you ready?

Uh oh, don’t tell me… you don’t know where to start?

You know you want more, you know you need more, but you have no idea where to start!

Well, actually, the first step is really simple and you can do it right now.

Take a moment. Grab your journal, or any notebook, or even just a piece of paper. Write down all the things you’re good at. All the things you love to do. All the things that give you energy.

Yep, you’ve got it, just scribble them all down. Don’t judge what you’re writing. Don’t second guess what is coming to you, just get it all on paper.

Reflect to the holidays, what occupied your dreams? When you had those few moments of idle time (I know, there weren’t many, for me it was 5am when the rest of the house was still asleep!) what occupied your head? What heart strings were being pulled?

Get it all on paper. There is something so transformative about pen on paper (or perhaps you’re like me and you prefer pencil?) It doesn’t matter – the physicalness (is that even a word?) of putting words on paper brings a new energy and a new focus. A new life of its own.

So do it, get all these little ideas on paper. Don’t order them. Don’t categorise them. Just put them all down.

Now take a moment and reflect. What are the themes? What are your inner desires and dreams? What are your thoughts saying to you?

That’s your space, that’s your area to shine.

Embrace it! Love it up! Make it your own! Make it and yourself a priority in 2021!

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I had very low self esteem and a negative mindset. But now I no longer “beat myself up” for not doing things I think are important. I make time for ‘me’ after work and don’t feel the guilt I used to feel. I’m more organised and much more honest when discussing my thoughts and feelings.

  • Suzanne Lovrincevic

Share with me, what came up for you? How will you make it a priority in 2021?

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