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expat life expat mums expat parenting expat parenting abroad Nov 04, 2019

It’s phenomenal the amount of “stuff” out there, for us to consume and engage with! As an expat mum, I love to hear what other mums are doing, but also I seek inspiration for how I can live my life better (or differently). 


So, today I am sharing a few of my favourite people (or groups) to follow. I am sorry, this is just a hand picked selection, I realised as I was writing this that there are just far too many that I really like to mention them all!?!


There is one blog I have been reading for many years, Lucille’s Expitterpattica. I have Lucille to credit for changing my life! I discovered Miriam’s blog And Then We Moved To about a year ago, her new book Messy Mobile Life is brilliant too! I only found Jerry Jones recently but his blog The Culture Blend is a great source of information and inspiration for those living abroad. 


Podcasts were a new ‘thing’ for me 2 years ago when I discovered Tandem Nomads and Expat Happy Hour. I now listen to Hello Monday, How I Built This and other marketing podcasts (as I am trying to learn as much as I can about my business) including Rick Mulready, Amy Porterfield, and Pat Flynn


For the girls, there are a few podcasts which we are still trialling and testing out, but these are the ones we enjoy so far (did I say we, I mean they!!)...  But Why?, Brains On, Story Pirates, Fierce Girls, Wow In the World, and What If World


On Facebook there are a few pages/groups that I follow religiously:

  • Expats on Purpose, if you want some accountability and purpose in your crazy expat life then Sundae’s group will fit the bill
  • Tandem Nomads, after discovering Amel’s podcast I quickly joined the TN group on FB. If I’m stuck or not sure about something in my business, this is an amazing supportive community who are so willing to provide guidance and support to others
  • Families in Global Transition, you have to be a member to access the resources posted and shared by members on the website, but often many of the themes and topics are discussed in the FB group too (ps membership is totally worth it if you are interested in this space)
  • Drawn to a Story, Cath Brew has an incredible way of summarising expat life in a picture or a drawing. Sometimes she cracks me up, but there are other posts that bring a tear to my eye… she really hits home.
  • Globally Mindful, a new FB Group set up by Jodi Harris of World Tree Coaching. Jodi shares wonderful articles and daily inspiration for finding mindfulness in our global lives
  • Other fab pages include Sun Hobo Designs (for personalised gifts); The Virtual Midwife (yes, it’s exactly as it reads!); Ruth E Van Reken (a guru on Third Culture Kids and global lives); Relocate Guru (a new app in development, a great source of information and tips for relocating); Telescope Style (home decorating ideas and inspiration); The Expat Kids Club (an amazing source of information for kids living abroad); Knocked Up Abroad (Lisa is an author, and her page often has funny or just purely brilliant insights into parenting abroad); Remfrey Educational Consulting (special educational needs consulting); Making Here Home and Expat Book Club, both are Rebecca Hilton’s providing great insight, but also brilliant book recommendations!


On instagram I love and follow loads of great ladies (and a few guys!) but I think these are probably some of my favourites... @mekeepingitreal @fireflycoaching @marloeshuijmans @drsoniajaeger @wherecanilive @healthyhappyexpat @abroadland @danastipsforparents @renatargcprojects @amommabroad @twofatexpats @mary_phillips_designs @abroadexperiences @mindfulexpat @drinkingthewholebottle @crossborderliving @esmelovesjewellery @nobackhome @threebirdsrenovations


Do you have a favourite blog, podcast, group, page or account you follow? Please do share in the comments!

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