Expat Divorce

expat life expat mums expat parenting expat parenting abroad May 04, 2020

Another great resource from Amel Derragui at Tandem Nomads, The Elephant in the Room, Expat Divorce.

Nobody likes to talk of the possibility of divorce whether being happily married or not, and even less when living abroad and being a “dependent spouse”!

But here is the thing; most of us have a car, home or life insurance. Does it mean that we expect or want to have a major car accident, a home burning down or a family member passing away?

If we get insured for these dramatic and unpredictable life incidents, why wouldn’t we at least get informed about our rights and obligations in case of divorce , especially when having kids and living abroad?

You will discover in this article, that the expression “better safe than sorry” does really apply to this situation! 

Amel Derragui, Tandem Nomads

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