Anna's Story

expat life expat mums expat parenting expat parenting abroad Aug 24, 2020

Anna lay awake last night, there was something playing on her mind. She had a feeling that she needed something more in her life. Hah! She almost laughed out loud. What more could she really need in her life, they had just moved to this amazing country, they had a gorgeous apartment, she had a loving husband, her kids were happy in their new school and making great friends, she had met a wonderful group of friends, and she was generally very happy.

Then as Anna lay awake, she started to feel resentful. She gave her family everything she had, her time, her energy, her creativity. When was the last time they even thanked her. After running the kids to after school activities, she had eventually got home and cooked a beautiful meal last night, but they barely took their eyes off their devices let alone comment on the food or her effort. No, she definitely needed more in her life than this.

But what? What does that even look like? Anna felt sad, she didn’t even know what she wanted anymore. She had left her corporate career behind when they moved, continuing that here just wasn’t an option. 

So if she was going to do something for herself, what would that be? Should she start a new hobby, learn pottery, or painting or perhaps the local language? Should she volunteer, she had heard they needed volunteers to read to the kids in the nearby orphanage? Should she get a part time job, but that’s not easy when you’re living abroad? Should she start that project she always joked about with her friends? 

As Anna tossed and turned in bed, she felt herself flip flopping between sadness, anger and sheer frustration. Who am I? I don’t even know anymore. Where do I start? 

Does Anna’s story sound familiar? Have you been giving all your time and energy to your family as your adventure abroad continues but now you’re wondering what next?

Life abroad is amazing, it provides so many opportunities. We meet the most amazing people, and we experience different cultures. We learn so much about ourselves. But what do we do with all of that? How do we take these opportunities and have more in our lives?

If you feel like Anna, I have a Virtual Challenge starting 1 September which can help you. We will connect on a live call each week, and you will have specific activities to complete as you discover your dreams and make a plan to create your new life.

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